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Marie Gin was born in France but spent her life traveling and living abroad. America and Africa were among the places she spent a few years in, but it wasn’t until she went to live in Paris at the age of 11 that she discovered a love for writing. It started with poetry, then short stories and finally evolved into the world you now know as The Stone of Four Fires, which she started to write at the age of 15 in French, after having moved to Australia.

As the years went by, and university started, the book was left aside for a while as she studied one year of Law School back in Strasbourg, before coming back to the country down under that she loved so much, and doing a Bachelor of Interactive Media.

Marie felt that her book deserved more time and effort spent on it and she decided to bring it back, translated it and put her ideas for book 1 and 2 into the one manuscript as she thought she would never have time to properly finish the series. She still wanted her story to be out there.

It wasn’t until she met Daniel Becker at an event where she was selling her book, that she realised the potential of her story. After a few months of discussions, The Stone of Four Fires: The Last Regret was getting an international Box Office adaptation done.

Marie was then able to get the proper help from an editor, A. A. Warne, and rewrite her story the way she had originally planned it: In 4 books.




by Book Treasures Between Wallabies And Palm Trees
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